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Recommandations of the BBF, FWCA and FBA regarding hunting with the bow in the Walloon area in Belgium.


The BBF, FBA and FWCA strongly recommend hunting by means of bow and arrow only under the following conditions.

  • All legal requirements for hunting in a specific region needs to be 100% met. No hunting, whatever the means, is permitted without a valid hunting permit as it is the case for all hunting methods including hunting with bow and arrow.
  • We strongly advice the hunter to be well equiped, well informed and well trained.
    • The hunting arrows need to be equiped with a broadhead specifically designed for hunting. As an organization we recommend that the hunting broadhead needs to have a minimal cutting diameter of 25 mm.
    • Being well informed means that you need to know how to use the bow and arrow in an adequate way for hunting. As an organization we put a high importance on the education of hunters and bowhunters. This reflects in the elaborate courses we teach and the associated exams. As an organization we believe it is every bowhunter’s obligation to be well informed and to know in detail what hunting with a bow and arrow is. It is every bowhunter’s obligation to know exactly to how to place the arrow with anatomical precission.
    • Shooting with a bow and arrow requires a good physical and mental health and constant training. As an organization we require that all hunters have excellent bowshooting skills and master their bow completely. For this reason we include a shooting test at typical hunting distances. Our course, exam and shooting test are internationally recognized and is a standard in most countries where bowhunting is allowed. As an organization we believe that bowhunting should only be permitted to those hunters that succeed in the theoretical and practical test and hence earned their Belgian Bowhunting certificate.
  • The special case of bowhunting in Belgium.
    • In Flanders, hunting with bow and arrow is not permitted yet. As an organization we believe that bowhuntig has significant benefits for the society as bowhunting is an additional hunting method that has its specific advantages. The use of bow and arrow has surely its benefits in modern wildlife management as it is the case in other and surrounding countries.
    • In Wallonia, although bowhunting is not explicitly forbidden, and although the bow has been recognized as a weapon fit for hunting, bowhunting as such is not explicitly permitted by law. As an organization we urge people to participate in our in depth bowhunting course and only hunt with the bow and arrow after succeeding in the bowhunting theoretical and practical exam and receiving the Belgian Bowhunting certificate.

On behalf of the Belgian Bowhunting Federation (BBF), the Fédération Wallone de Chasse à l’Arc (FWCA) and the Flemish bowhunting Association (FBA).

For all information:

For International bowhunting information we refer to the website of the European Bowhunting Federation (EBF): of which FBA, FWCA and BBF are a full member.

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